Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The importance of the right title.

Is 'The Bromley Boys' the right title for the book? I ask this because it seems to have been putting a lot of people off reading it. Mainly those living outside the Bromley area. Based on emails I've had from readers, I'd guess that around 90% of sales have been in South East London. And I think I can see why it would be hard to sell in the rest of the country. I'm not convinced I'd be interested in a book called, say, The Bognor Regis Boys, however good the reviews.
So..any thoughts? Any ideas on a better title?

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DJ Kirkby said...

Your title ddin't put me off buying it and Chopper really enjoyed it. Out fo the stack of books I bought him for xmas, your was the first he read. In fact he liked it so much that I am going to read it and I am not the slightest bit interested in football. I will ask him if he can think of a different but not nessesarily better, title.