Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Do authors care about bad reviews?

You often read about writers who claim never to read reviews and even if they did, they don't care about what they say. I'm sure I've claimed the same thing myself on occasions. But the truth - for me, anyway - is that I read every single one. I can get a dozen good ones and think "Oh, that's nice", whereas it just takes one negative review, even if it's someone on Amazon, to ruin my day and make me decide that I'll never write another book. Ever.

This kind of slightly irrational thinking reached its peak late last month, just after the new book had got its second 'Book of the Week' in a national Sunday paper. I was feeling pretty good about life until I checked Amazon and saw that even though most reviewers seemed to really enjoy it, there was someone who really didn't like it. That was it. Completely wiped out all the good feelings and it was a couple of days before I felt like writing again.

Do authors care about bad reviews? Absolutely.