Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My morning at Transworld

One of the benefits of having 32 Programmes published by a major outfit like Transworld was that I got to visit their offices and have a look around. It got even better when I spotted a couple of Derren Brown books and pointed out that I was a fan. "Go on, help yourself" was the reply. This scenario was repeated about half a dozen times, when I confessed to being a big fan of, amongst others, Lee Child, Paul O'Grady, Jamie Carragher and Bear Grylls.

The highlight, though, was meeting all the people that had worked on the book, from Lisa who came up with the brilliant cover design to Vivien, the apparently unflappable production manager. The gentlemen in the picture are the ones I've been most closely involved with; on the left, the book's editor Giles Elliott, who made the whole thing happen AND came with me to a Bromley match, while on the right is Ben Willis, who never seems to stop promoting various books, including mine.

It was a fantastic day, capped off by a champagne celebration and a hugely flattering speech by Giles.