Sunday, September 19, 2010

Why write books when you hardly make any money out of them? Here's why.

A couple of days ago, I got this email from Brian Kennedy, an Irish writer who had just read The Bromley Boys:

"I've just put the book down with tears in my eyes at how beautifully nostalgic the story is.
How innocent, gulliable and yet loveable you and all the characters are.
Funny, witty, and I adored every page - what reduced me to tears was the way you told the story of everyone in the epilogue. Ordinary everyday people , with everyday jobs that gave no less , and probably more, then any Premiership player dispite the handicap of being, well, woeful!
It was the promotion in 2007 and seeing Roy in the backround that killed me you sod!!! I'm 41 !! I don't need to have tears rolling down my cheeks reading about people I've never met!
Just needed to email you to say you've filled my heart with a warm glow, and its even made me track down all the 14 members of my Kilbarry Rangers side that played 18 games of the 1992/93 season, winning 0 drawing 3 and losing 15 so I can invite them all to the launch. Our "Corinthians Casuals" were Stradbally FC and we avoided finishing stone last in Division 4B of the Waterford Junior & District League (the lowest league available) by draw 1-1 at there ground with a last minute goal by our "Phil Amato" - George O' Mahoney who seemed to run 100 meters from the half way line to get a touch on the ball 2 yards from the goal-line I'd chipped over the Stradbally keeper to steal my thunder.
Thank you my friend. Loved it . And hopefully I'll get the pleasure of meeting you in real life some day.