Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Like Bees to Honey - Caroline Smailes

In a shocking turn of events, I am turning over today's blog post to a subject other than ME. Caroline Smailes, who is a fantastically good writer, has a new book out next week called Like Bees To Honey. Having read a fair chunk of it already (as well as all her other books), I am confident that this is going to be her breakthrough. So, as a way of grabbing a slice of the glory showing support, I am hosting this stage of what modern book-types call a 'Blog Tour'. Here, for your pleasure, is Chapter Nine:

Thursday, May 13, 2010

New site and other news

After a mere four years of writing books, I've finally got around to putting up a website at One enormously popular section of the new site is the 'sightings' section, which has had ONE RESPONSE in three days. Come on, people, you can do better than this. Send me a picture of you posing with The Bromley Boys, and it'll go up on the site, ensuring you'll be recognised everywhere you go.

Will the book be coming out in mass market paperback? It's a question I'm often asked (really!). The current version, a C format trade paperback, is a bit expensive for some at £10.99, especially when similar football books are less than half the price. Well, as far as I know, there are no plans to do this.

Finally, Waterstone's have changed their approach to book selling, and are now concentrating a lot more on local markets. This seems to have helped sales of The Bromley Boys, as it's being promoted quite heavily in branches like Bromley, Orpington, Bluewater and Croydon. Before that, they held a single copy in branches throughout the country, which wasn't particularly successful. Sales have definitely improved since the change of plan and that's why Waterstone's are my favourite bookshop.