Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The importance of the right title.

Is 'The Bromley Boys' the right title for the book? I ask this because it seems to have been putting a lot of people off reading it. Mainly those living outside the Bromley area. Based on emails I've had from readers, I'd guess that around 90% of sales have been in South East London. And I think I can see why it would be hard to sell in the rest of the country. I'm not convinced I'd be interested in a book called, say, The Bognor Regis Boys, however good the reviews.
So..any thoughts? Any ideas on a better title?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

A concerted attempt to get Waterstone's interested in my book.

I had what seemed to be a brilliant idea. Write to Waterstone's branches in towns with non-league teams, pointing out that they should stock the book on the grounds that the locals would be able to relate to it. Admittedly, the heading to my emails "Local Interest Book" may have been slightly misleading.

Around a hundred of these were sent to branches covering the country from the uppermost part of Cumbria to the South Coast. I then sat back, waiting to hear about orders pouring in.

I am still waiting. Only two branches have replied. Each has ordered two copies.

I am sensing I need a new strategy.