Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Amazon nightmare

I had been feeling pretty good about the book recently. Great reviews, some lovely emails from readers and a good December sales-wise. Then I made the mistake of checking my Amazon ranking, confident it would be around the 3000 mark, which is where it was last time I looked.
As you can see for yourself, I was a long, long way off. The Bromley Boys has fallen all the way down to 185,944th place . How could that be? Did this mean that NOT ONE PERSON had bought it from Amazon ALL YEAR.
I even considered buying a copy myself, just to bring the ranking down a bit, but then realised I had nothing left on my credit card.
Please, someone. Buy a copy and put me out of my misery.


shane said...

I am planning to, as soon as I get paid.

If, when you were back, you did not see roadworks in Shortlands, I think you should probably remember a moment you spent in the village during your return for the rest of your life. It seems that the main road through the village is perennially clogged with pipeworks...

DJ Kirkby said...

I have been told by my publisher that Amazon rankings are dark and closely guarded secret and that no one knows quite how they work. Though he could just have been saying that to make me feel better. xo

Chopper said...

I looked into this a bit and it appears they alter the ranking quite often so if you sold a few books in one hour you could fly up the ranking and then not selling any for a while would send you right back again!
I've just finished reading your book and enjoyed it a lot. Though I've never followed a non-league teamm I could feel your pain being a long suffering Pompey supporter. You did lose Brownie points when you beat them at subutteo mind! Anyway just wanted to say thanks for the great read!