Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Getting noticed

If you have a football book out, getting people to review it is relatively easy. As long as the book is about Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool etc and your name is Alex Ferguson, Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard etc, that is.
If the subject of your book is one of the lesser lights, it gets harder. And when it's a team no-one's heard of, it's next to impossible.
But while that's certainly true of the mainstream press, I've been finding a much more sympathetic attitude from smaller papers and fan-run blogs. It's almost as though there's a culture out there of editors and writers who are fed up with the big money, glamour side of the game and are enthusiastically supportive of a book that deals with a simple story of a young boy's obsession with his local non-league team.
When Saturday Comes gave it a great review as did one of the best fan sites, twohundredpercent. It's early days yet - the book has only been out for three weeks or so - but it'll be interesting to see where the reviews come from.

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